DECEMBER 8th, 2017

Welcome to the Nexus Newsletter!

November was a busy month for the Nexus core team as we continue to move our various projects forward. Growth of the core team itself has slowed as we are now looking to consolidate the growth in our numbers into strong organizational capabilities. Overall the strategy remains the same – to create a great core team that is augmented by the best Community members in the world!

We recently released a new Community-created FAQ document, and we’re really proud of the Community members who created it. This stands as a testament to the power and ingenuity a strong Community can provide. Nexus is highly focused on developing strong Community involvement as it will greatly help us in our mission to create the best digital currency in the world.

NXS was recently added to Stocks.exchange providing Nexus users the capability to make trades from their mobile devices for the first time! The Nexus core team and the Nexus Community remain highly committed to Nexus being added to as many exchanges and wallets as possible, and this represents clear progress being made on this front. We will continue to diligently work towards these goals until NXS is ubiquitous throughout the digital currency space and beyond.

Progress continues on the marketing side of things as we are constantly working to develop innovative ideas and strategies to help people understand a highly complex project like Nexus.  Nexus is about changing the world by giving people tools that can be utilized in a beneficial way to affect positive change in the world. We see a future that is more free, more convenient, more open, and more abundant for all. Nexus will continue to broadcast our story around the world for all to see and will tailor specific messages to various constituencies in order to help them truly understand the project.  As our reach continues to expand, we will become better at relating to people as we receivemore and more feedback on the messaging we are emanating. We recently surpassed 10,000 Twitter followers which is one manifestation of the increase in our concentrated marketing efforts.

We are very happy with how things have been progressing since the successful conference we hosted in Aspen this year. Nexus core team members as well as Community members continue to perform very well in moving key aspects of the project forward each day. All good things take time to create, and Nexus is building the peer-to-peer framework of the future that solves the key challenges in the space. The core team is growing, the Community is stronger than ever and we are committed to the ongoing development of the best project in crypto.

Here is a brief update from the development team via Nexus Founder, Colin Cantrell:

Wallet version is in pre-release addressing the delivery of work to miners and improved consensus code in Unified Time. We are also in the development of a native mobile app, and developing the Tritium modular interface for easy deployment of modules in the soon-to-be module store.

Nexus Market Cap Growth

Over the past year the market cap of NXS has grown from $1.3 million on December 6th, 2016 to $101 million on December 6th, 2017, a 7607% growth rate. We believe this growth rate reflects our strong community, advanced technology, passionate team, and dedication to affecting positive change in the world.

We are Nexus! 

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 1.14.10 PM.png

                         Nexus on Stocks.exchange

Nexus Earth (NXS) is now listed on Stocks.exchange, an exchange that enables users to buy and sell Nexus from their computer or iPhone using their iOS app. The application can be downloaded from the App store and also has an Apple Watch application where cryptocurrency activity can be viewed and monitored daily.

Make sure to visit us on this new exchange that puts Nexus in the palm of your hand:  https://stocks.exchange/

Binance Winners

Thank you to everyone from the Community who participated in the vote to get Nexus listed on the Binance exchange. The vote took an outpouring of effort. In order to thank those that participated, Nexus held a drawing of three winners chosen at random to receive 1000, 500 and 250 Nexus. The Nexus team also rewarded 10 members of the Community who referred the most participants to the Binance vote a sum of 100 Nexus each.

The drawing winners were selected through Google’s Random Number Generator in the order we received the entries. Those winners were: Kevin Smith – kevsmif80 (250 NXS), George Papadopoulos (500 NXS) and Pete Kay – blockheadtwo (1000 NXS).  The winners of the referral program were (slack names): siddh008, mrprobz, calin, mnafta, Alext01, ss36, hakimnas, robinhaung9876, mike.casey, and Jules.  Thank you all for your valuable contributions.

FAQ Document on the Website

NexusFAQHeader (1).jpg

The Nexus Community compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers packed full of information on the subjects of Nexus, cryptocurrency, and blockchain located on the nexusearth.com website. The resource details many of the the technologies that drive Nexus including the 3DC architecture, LLD, and extended hash and can be utilized by those new to cryptocurrency and blockchain to experts looking to learn the inner workings of Nexus.

Speed, Scalability, & Security = Nexus

Check out the FAQ document here: http://www.nexusearth.com/faq.html

Nexus Reaches 10,000 followers on Twitter:

10000 followers4-1.jpeg

The Nexus Earth Twitter account, @NxsEarth, reached 10,000 followers on December 1st. We love our growing community of active followers and participants. Thank you for your participation.

Make sure to join us on twitter for all of the latest updates at: https://twitter.com/NxsEarth

Community Contributions:

Nexus Pod’s update:

From The Nexus Hub, introduced in previous newsletters, we’ve formed several pods that have gotten together and created everything from content documents to facilitating Nexus getting listed on exchanges. Each pod has a specific project that they work on for a period of time created from and driven by the pod’s passions.

We wanted to extend a big thank you to Pod 1 for the extensive work that went into creating the Nexus FAQ document. Their knowledge of Nexus will help to inform so many. Thank you pod 1!  Nexus would also like to thank members of Pod 3: The Exchange Pod for working to get Nexus listed on Stocks.exchange, especially (slack handle) Mr. Probz.

Nexus Meetups around the world:

Community member Anastasiya Sergeyevnagave a talk at the Philadelphia Bitcoin Meetup on Nexus: How it works and its advantages.  Anastasiya works for two blockchain companies in addition to being a very active member and contributor to Nexus. Thank you Anastasiya!

Check out her very informative talk here:  https://youtu.be/Kw3mYdFubfA

The Nexus Community had a Meetup in Sydney, organized by Mike Casey. We love seeing Community members taking an active role in their local communities.

Steemit article: Nexus delivers a NEW LLD Wallet update with staking improvement:

Community member seymourmac contributed an article on Steemit highlighting his experience with the Nexus LLDwallet update.  The article covers his process downloading the wallet update in addition to his initial experience operating it.  Thanks for the article seymourmac.

Check it out here: http://bit.ly/2izDb9X


We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season with their family and friends. We thank everyone from the Community for an incredible 2017 and we look forward to changing the world together in 2018!

Thank you –

The Nexus Team

Thank you amend (1).jpg


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