NexusEarth Newsletter May 2017

Volume 1, Number 4 – May 31, 2017

Welcome to the Nexus Newsletter!

Congratulations to our Community as we have now passed the 2000 member mark in Slack! This month started off with a lot of excitement. There was quite a buzz going on in the Nexus Slack for the second Vector-R full scale test launch on May 6th. Several members of the Nexus Team were there for the launch. The launch was successful and a lot of great data was collected allowing Vector to move forward with further testing. Check out the Launch Video Here. Congratulations to Vector on a successful launch! A lot of work for Nexus is going on behind the scenes including planning and organizing many things in addition to working on the White Paper and Tritium Beta wallet release. Many exciting things are on the way.


Left to right: Bryan Gmyrek, Colin Cantrell, Ashley Swazey, Michael Mosby, Kierre Reeg

Nexus Conference

We are pleased to announce the First Nexus Conference and Three Year Birthday Celebration. The Conference will happen September 21-23, 2017. The event will take place at the Aspen Meadows Resort in Aspen, Colorado, USA. More details will come as the plans are solidified, but the event center has been rented from 3-6PM each day. Ticketing information will be available at a later date. We hope to see as many of the Nexus Community there as possible.

Bitcoin.com Podcast Interview

Colin’s much anticipated Bitcoin.com Interview was released on May 25th. Colin gave a great interview packed full of information about  Bitcoin tech, a little about Litecoin, and of course, Nexus. As Richard Jacobs of Bitcoin.com indicated at the end of the podcast, this interview has an amazing amount of relevant content and is worth listening to more than once to be sure you catch everything.

Improved Prime Channel Miner, Block Explorer, and Richlist

The improved CPU and CPU/GPU hybrid miner for the Prime Channel has been released. This really was a Community effort. Thanks to @mumus and all of the folks involved in testing the miner as it was being developed. A guide has been prepared by Community member @bibbityjibbity for using the new miner and explaining frequently asked questions on how the miner functions and how to set it up. The documentation can be found at the Nexus Forum CPU Miner Guide. We also released a new block explorer created for us by Community member @efficienthash. The Explorer is located at nxs.efficienthash.com. A Nexus Richlist along with some other cool information about the network is also now available on https://nxsorbitalscan.com created by @psipherious.

Tritium Update

As with any major software update, rigorous testing is needed to ensure Tritium is ready for public release. Testing continues and the Tritium Beta release will be available as soon as the Team feels it is ready for prime time. Colin has finished most of the core of Tritium, which is planned to be rolled out on the seed nodes and Beta daemon clients for those that wish to help test the new backend engine. Tritium sets a foundation for the Tritium, Amine, and Obsidian (TAO) update series expanding the backend engine of Nexus and allowing easy expansion of the toolset.

Nexus Explainer Promotional Video

Nexus has hired Chris Folta at MotionFX LLC to produce a professional Nexus Explainer Promotional Video. The video is in the planning stages and will give a simple overview of Nexus.  You can check out some of Chris’s other work at http://foltadesign.com/.

Website Updates

You may have noticed some recent changes to the format of nexusearth.com. We are making some theme and content changes. Keith has been working on the updates and once the revised website is ready, we will begin creating an entirely new site. Be sure to check out the new visitor widget on the NexusEarth.com Home Page that shows the location of visitors to the home page from throughout the world.

White Paper

Bryan and Colin have been hard at work finishing up the Nexus White Paper which now stands at 33 pages with more content still to be written. The White Paper covers basics of blockchains, Nexus vision, philosophy, and principles, as well as mathematics/calculations and future options for greater quantum security. The final section in the White Paper is dedicated to the TAO. It is an update series providing the final building pieces and scripting engines making Nexus capable of harnessing many technologies to provide greater future capability and adoption. The April 2017 Newsletter has more details on these releases.

Development Schedule

As all the ideas have been forming into a time based structure with the completion of the White Paper, a more concrete roll out schedule for Nexus is as follows:

  1. Nexus White Paper
  2. Tritium Base
  3. Tritium White Paper
  4. Tritium Time-Lock
  5. Amine White Paper
  6. Amine Time-Lock
  7. Obsidian White Paper
  8. Obsidian Time-Lock

Team Member Profile – Mercuryminer 

Mercuryminer has been a longterm member of the Nexus Community going back to the pre-launch days. You can often find him on Slack helping out with any questions, whether they be for mining or Nexus in general. He has been involved in crypto since 2013 when he built his first GPU mining rig. He first heard about Nexus (originally Coinshield) in Ypool chat where he was a longtime chat moderator. Mercuryminer was first drawn to Nexus because it was an original project in an era when there seemed to be a new coin every day consisting of mostly worthless clones with minor tweaks to coin parameters. He was an early miner of Nexus and continues to mine even now. In addition to often helping users with mining or wallet issues, he also runs seed nodes to help further decentralize the Nexus Network. When he’s not eating, sleeping, or working he can usually be found lurking on the Nexus Slack, although he does also take time out to spend with his family.  He enjoys going four wheel driving and fishing as often as he can.

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Author: Preston (@pdogg147)

Editor: gjsteele71 (@spaid)

Newsletter 2017

NexusEarth Newsletter April 2017

Volume 1, Number 3 – April 22, 2017

Welcome to the third Nexus Newsletter.  

It has been an exciting and very active month for Nexus. Our Community continues to grow. We now have over 1,600 Slack members and our Facebook Group has increased to over 500 members! More people are getting involved and taking on important tasks to help Nexus grow. Like a tree, Nexus is built from the ground up with a strong base consisting of tens of thousands of lines of unique code, and an energetic Community. Thanks to everyone helping Nexus form an unshakable foundation! We recently welcomed a new Team member, Glen Luyckx, to Nexus. Glen goes by the screenname mrprobz and can be seen regularly in Slack helping with technical support and  Community outreach. Welcome Glen!

Coinpayments and Coinomi

Nexus was recently added to Coinpayments after the Community came together and donated the 1 BTC required to be integrated into the payment system. Nexus can now be accepted on any website as a payment method! The first website to accept Nexus is https://www.pexpeppers.com/.  Check the website out if you are looking for some all natural hot sauce or hot pepper seeds.

The Nexus Team also recently paid to have Nexus added to the Coinomi multicoin wallet. Coinomi developers are actively working on completing the integration and should have Nexus up and running on their wallet very soon. Since Nexus has a great deal of original code, Coinomi has to do some additional coding to complete the addition. Once complete, Nexus will be able to be used on any Android device by downloading the Coinomi Wallet App.  

March Nexus

Nexus Swag Store

This past month we premiered the Nexus Swag Store. Clothing sizes tend to run about a size small, but are of great quality. A variety of logos, colors, and styles are available. There are also items such as coffee mugs, tablets, phone cases, and blankets. All proceeds go towards the Nexus Marketing budget. We have had many requests for Nexus hats and are currently searching for a supplier. We may decide to sell them directly through the NexusEarth.com website via Coinpayments.

Nexus Testnet and Improved Prime Channel Miner

The dedicated Testnet is now up and functioning. An improved CPU and CPU/GPU hybrid miner for the Prime Channel has been developed. The live testing has been ongoing over the past several weeks and the improvements have shown increased efficiency. The miner is almost ready for full-scale release.

Nexus Bounties and Tipbot

To reward those helping with Nexus, we have started issuing bounties for certain tasks. Some of the items with current bounties include development of a Prime Channel GPU Miner, a paper wallet generator, quality articles about Nexus, promotional videos, and graphic work. A list of current bounties is posted on the Nexus Forum Bounty Thread on NxsForum.com and is also available in the #nexus-bounties channel in the Nexus Slack. We also recently added a tipbot to our Slack to spread the love and to make it easier to send rewards. Feel free to join us on Slack and try it out.

Bitcoin.com Podcast Interview

Colin was recently interviewed for Bitcoin.com podcast that will air April 26th. The podcast hasn’t been released yet, but Colin talked at length about Bitcoin tech, a little about Litecoin, and of course about our favorite coin, Nexus. We will let everyone know in all of the official channels when it is released.

Vector Full Scale Test Launches

Many in the the Community were hanging out on Slack during the first full scale Vector Test Launch on April 6th. Colin was there helping and provided updates as the Community was glued to the @vectorspacesys Twitter channel for details. The launch ended with an automated pad abort and fortunately the rocket wasn’t damaged. A great deal of important data was collected, the issue was identified, and the relaunch is scheduled for May 3rd. Colin will also be on-site helping with this second test launch.

Colin’s Assistant

As I’m sure many of you know, Colin has become increasingly busy as a result of the many tasks required of him as Nexus continues to grow. With time being such a precious commodity, Colin has hired his good friend Ashley to help with communication, schedules, and other miscellaneous items. This now frees the time Colin was spending on these tasks and allows more time for Nexus development work. Ashley will know Colin’s schedule and will have an idea where Colin is and how to reach him for important matters when Colin disappears into his work. Ashley will also help the Team with other tasks as needed.  You can find her in slack as user Concordia, so make sure to give her a warm welcome.

Vector and Nexus

As I’m sure you remember from the March newsletter, the Letter of Intent (LOI) between Vector and Nexus has been signed outlining the specifics of the Strategic Partnership. This agreement has progressed formally and the relationship between Nexus and Vector continues to be strengthened and continue on good terms. As the Nexus Community knows, Colin works a lot behind the scenes and does more than just writing artfully-crafted code.

We are very excited to announce Colin has secured an angel investor position with Vector. This gives Colin a vested financial interest in Vector and continues the business relationship with Nexus with the development of satellite and software technology. An “angel” position means Colin was able to participate in one of the early “bridge” funding rounds giving him the legal right to buy Series A, B, and C shares in the future to maintain his percent ownership in Vector. He participated in the round of financing along with other notable companies such as Desert Angels, Arizona Technology Investors, and Kurrent Investment from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Below is an article outlining how the bridge round ended from the local Phoenix News:

Tucson aerospace startup raises $4.5 million, hiring up to 100 employees

This is very exciting for the future of Nexus and Vector!

Tritium Update

To anyone following the Nexus Github repository, you can see there have been major updates (refactoring and designing) of the Nexus codebase. This is in preparation for the release of Tritium, which in and of itself is a 3 part update (Tritium, Tritium Trust, and Tritium ++) and creates the base of what is termed the TAO update series. This will include the release versions Tritium, Amine, and Obsidian (TAO).

Tritium begins when the Beta release is fully finished and uses a far more advanced backend coding structure that Colin has been developing for quite some time. The next step in the sequence of the Tritium release will be the long anticipated Tritium Trust update. The Trust update will replace the existing Trust System with a new algorithm removing the issue with frequent Trust Key expiration. The Tritium Trust update will reactivate some of your highest interest Trust Keys and will also include significant other Network consensus updates. This will be followed by Tritium ++, which will complete the Tritium series and act as a cleanup build by including any necessary additions and adjustments to the code base. Tritium ++ and will also include an expansion of the protocol message sets that will ensure the base of the TAO will support all following updates.

The specifics of the Amine and Obsidian releases will be detailed at a later time. Once completed, the TAO update series is going to be a significant foundation, not only for Nexus, but also for any other cryptocurrency implementing the protocol and will make the architecture of blockchains available for mainstream use and adoption.

Team Member Profile

Keith F Smith is a Core team member of Nexus. Starting out on computers as a child in the early nineties, Keith was building websites by the age 12 and even started a web development company. By age 16, he was taking college courses for computer information systems and working as a Microsoft Access database developer. Keith furthered his studies in computers at a local college, but decided to get into construction instead because of the many local job opportunities. He first found Bitcoin while organizing the Nationwide End The Fed marches and campaigning for Ron Paul. Years later in 2013, he finally made the plunge into cryptocurrencies and like many in crypto, he became heavily immersed.

Having been involved with other cryptocurrency teams where some of the major players had only their self interests at hand, Keith was looking for a likeminded folks who were interested in advancing the world through the blockchain and not merely in it for profit. Eventually, while attempting to implement his idea of variable proof of stake, he was introduced to Colin by Preston and they hit it off. Finally, Keith met someone who saw the big picture and shared his decentralized principles and also had the talent to make it happen. From Keith’s original idea, Colin was the only developer he met able to code what became NPoS and formed the basis for the need of Trust Keys. Keith built the current website and is currently working on the GUI for a future Nexus Wallet. He also produced several Nexus videos and continues to assist in steering the Vision of Nexus and building the Nexus presence in crypto. He loves family, fishing, and music. Having a deep understanding of economics, his influence runs deep in the economic model of Nexus. “BE THE DECENTRALIZATION” – Keith Smith

Sidebar fact… Colin’s screen name Videlicet (videre licet) means: it may be seen; evidently; clearly.

Newsletter Credits

Author: Preston (@pdogg147)

Editor: gjsteele71 (@spaid)

Newsletter 2017

NexusEarth Newsletter March 2017

Volume 1, Number 2 – March 15, 2017

Welcome to the second Nexus Newsletter.  

It has been an exciting month for digital currencies fueled by the highly anticipated Bitcoin ETF decision, which was eventually denied by the SEC on March 11th.  Many people feared this denial would destroy the price of Bitcoin, but after a short one day sell-off, the price of BTC returned to its previous price as if nothing had happened.  Altcoins then went on a winning streak which has many currencies, including Nexus, at new all-time highs.

What Happened In The Nexus Universe Last Month?

The Team has been working hard this month to deliver the content Nexus fans have been waiting for including the new wallet called Tritium, a TestNet, and the promised Whitepaper.  Work is also continuing on the new Website and Explorer.  In addition, we have some musical talent from within the Nexus community working together to provide melodious content for Nexus promotions and videos.  We have also started work on a Nexus swag store which will be launched with the new website.

If you have been following Nexus for a while you know that when things are quiet, it means the Nexus wheels are turning, bringing its vision ever closer to production. Our lead developer, Colin, is making significant progress on the new Tritium wallet.  Tritium will be released in three phases: Tritium Beta, followed by the Tritium trust activation, then finally the full release named Tritium ++. This wallet will ultimately contain the LLD (Lower Level Database). In preparation for the release, over 11,000 lines of updated code have been pushed to the Nexus Github Repository.

Core Developer Bryan is putting the finishing touches on a streamlined TestNet for the Nexus Network so the community can assist in the testing by mining and staking as Nexus is in development.  Bryan is also working on code to set up Regression Testing for Nexus.  This type of testing is used by software development companies to verify programming updates which were previously developed and tested still perform correctly after new changes or when interfaced with other software.

Colin has set up an office at the Vector Space Systems (Vector) Corporate Headquarters in Tucson, Arizona and has also been working hard with the folks at Vector behind the scenes.  We are pleased to announce that the much anticipated Letter of Intent (LOI) between Vector and Nexus has been signed.  Specific details of the agreement will come at a later date, but the terms are in place.  The mutual partnership will entail Nexus supporting the development and testing of Galactic Sky and Vector providing support for the Nexus Network.  A mutual public relations (PR) and marketing push will begin this Summer when additional details will be available about the structure of this partnership, as well as the details of other companies who may be joining the partnership.  It is an exciting time to be a part of the Nexus Community!

Jim Cantrell (CEO and Co-Founder of Vector Space Systems) and Colin Cantrell (Founder and Lead Developer of Nexus )

Nexus Factoid

Did you know that Colin started coding Nexus on May 5th, 2014, about 4.5 months before the launch on September 23, 2014!

Community Member Profile

Each month for as long as we can find participants, we plan on alternating between a core member profile and a community member profile so we can all get to know each other better.  I, Spaid, am the focus of this month’s community member spotlight.

I grew up in Northeast Ohio (USA), but have lived in Georgia for my entire adult life.  I am employed as a programmer and have worked for Frigidaire (now) and Club Car (previously) for the past twenty years.  I am kind of a geek, even though I don’t really like Star Trek or read comic books.  I become obsessed with my hobbies and spend almost all my spare time engrossed in them.  In the past these have included Online Poker, Everquest/Warcraft, Magic the Gathering, and now digital currencies.  The name Spaid came from a Cleric I used to play in Warcraft.  I love to write and it seems to be something I can offer to the crypto-community.  I watch The Walking Dead every week, and my favorite Netflix shows to date have been Dexter and Breaking Bad.

I am also the moderator of the Crypto Currency News Reddit.  I was keeping up with Crypto News anyway so I decided to just post everything interesting I find for others as well.

Newsletter Credits

Author: gjsteele71 (@spaid)

Editor: Preston (@pdogg147) 

Newsletter 2017

NexusEarth Newsletter February 2017

Volume 1, Number 1 – February 15, 2017

Welcome to the first Nexus Newsletter.  In the future, people will look back at this exciting time in the life of Nexus and see a crossroads between conception and creation, and we are here to witness it.  I thought it would be appropriate to start with the abstract from the latest Whitepaper release now being finalized.  It summarizes the plans and goals of Nexus perfectly.

Nexus will provide the framework to enhance the freedom, self sufficiency, and creativity of everyone in the world.  A fully decentralized global network will allow people to transfer value, data and services to one another in a truly peer-to-peer fashion.  A digital currency called Nexus (based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin) has been created to facilitate this system.  However, no system which relied on traditional ground based telecommunications networks is truly decentralized.  For this we look to the stars.  The Nexus blockchain will be secured in space.  Cube satellites in low earth orbit will provide network access worldwide at acceptable latencies.  Coupled with hardware devices on the ground, a global decentralized mesh network will be born.  People will launch new peer-to-peer services on the network without the approval from a centralized authority.  This network must be built on a strong foundation.  Over the past two years, many security enhancements and innovations have been developed and proven on the Nexus blockchain.  These include 571 bit privacy keys for increased quantum attack resistance, multiple mining/staking channels, dynamic difficulty adjustment, 1024 bit SHA3 based block hashes, unified time, trust keys, and more.  Nexus is more than technology.  Nexus is the connection of people…  

Welcome to Nexus!

This week we surpassed 1,000 members in the NexusEarth Slack.  We welcome you to join the Community there for the most up to date news available.  There is a link to Slack, and to many other places you can find helpful information, along the right-hand side of the newsletter.  

What Happened In The Nexus Universe Last Month?

The Nexus Team is pleased to announce the recent addition of three new team members.  Bryan Gmyrek, PhD joins as a core developer and has been helping Colin define and create the new Whitepaper.  In addition, Jessica Hartman has been brought in to help with marketing, and Slack member Houssam, a web developer and pool operator, has been officially recruited to the team.

Colin Cantrell, the creator and lead developer of Nexus, and Bryan spent time in Miami at the North American Bitcoin Conference in January, where he mingled with the top names in the digital currency and security industries.  Colin made some important connections and participated in some of his more interesting interviews.

In this interview available via Facebook, Colin and Bryan talk about the aspects of the project currently being worked on, what is planned for the near future, and answer questions from the community.  Colin goes into more detail on how satellites will be used to provide Internet access to the world, and how Nexus plays a role in the economy created by this worldwide network.

A new Nexus forum at NxsForum.com has been created by Slack community member @etakmit.  Thanks to his work, we are able to have a more permanent repository for important documents and thoughts which Slack discards.  Please stop over to the new forum and add your insights.

What Is Happening In The Nexus Universe In The Near Future?

The Nexus Wallet version 3.0 is due out soon and will contain an important Trust Key Depreciation update.  This LLD (Lower Level Database) Wallet is the first of its kind and provides much faster loading times than previous versions.  If you are unfamiliar with the Nexus Trust PoS staking system, your interest earned increases up to 3% as you build Trust by remaining connected to the Network.  As your Trust increases, the Network relies on your connection to handle more transactions.  This is just one of the many safeguards keeping unwanted hackers from building a significant presence on the Nexus Network.

As mentioned briefly above, an updated Whitepaper is in the works detailing the technical inner workings of the Nexus Project like never before.  The initial document with all of the details was over thirty pages long.  An effort is being made now to reduce the number of pages and put it into a logical, and more easily comprehensible, format.

Team members are working on a complete revamp of the NexusEarth.com website.  It will include an new exciting theme and layout, as well as an updated FAQ page for visitors to learn more about the project.  Statistics and Explorer pages will be incorporated as well for anyone looking to quickly access network information.

What Do We Have To Look Forward To?

The big news everyone in the community is anxiously waiting to hear about is the completion of the contract negotiations with Vector Space.  When this contract is signed, the plans for rocketing the Nexus Network into space will be one important and revolutionary step closer to reality.

A marketing plan is being developed to get the word out and bring more people into the community.  Even without any substantial marketing to date, the Slack population is booming simply based on the increase in price and word of mouth.  It is exciting to think how many new visitors we will see when the good news about Nexus is broadcast through many more channels.

Developer Profile – Preston Smith

Preston, who goes by pdogg147, is a Core member of the Nexus Team and serves as Community Manager.  He always seems available to answer any questions and help the Nexus Community, whether it be in Slack, on Facebook, or on Bitcointalk.  He found Nexus, which was at that time Coinshield, while working on a different crypto project.  Preston met Colin and read the Coinshield White Paper and the two hit it off and became friends.  He then became involved in the Project mostly behind the scenes and began becoming more directly involved starting in the Summer of 2015.  Since then, Preston has helped build the Nexus Team and Community and works to further the Mission of Nexus.  Preston has an MS in Biology/Environmental Science and works as a Natural Resources Department Manager at a Consulting Firm as his day job.  He enjoys spending time with his Wife and Daughter, camping, hiking, music festivals, and, of course, working on Nexus.

Newsletter Credits

Author: gjsteele71 (@spaid)

Editor: Preston (@pdogg147)