Nexus is comprised of two Embassies. Each of the Nexus Embassies is a nonprofit entity created for the purpose of technological development and adoption, alongside education. As nonprofit entities, they have no owners, are represented by a volunteer board of directors, and are operated by teams of creatives and delegates.

The Nexus Embassies are independently funded by a portion of each NXS block that is mined. The NXS automatically transfers into the Embassy Signature Chains. Each Embassy is sovereign, creating a decentralized organization for network wide governance.

Embassy Funding is reviewed every year, and voted on by the Nexus community.

US Embassy



US Embassy Board of Directors
Slack ID: @videlicet

Colin Cantrell is a software architect, engineer, musician and composer. Having been raised in the aerospace industry, he took up programming at the age of 11, and was helping to build rockets by the age of 16. Through these combined interests, in 2014 Nexus was born, bringing together technologies to promote a greater distribution of resources and communication. His ultimate vision is to increase the accessibility of these technologies in order to help people to build a greater connection to one another.



US Embassy Board of Directors

Carolyn Sechler, CPA, CGMA is the CEO and founder of Sechler CPA PC, a Certified B Corporation and Arizona Benefit Corporation, in Phoenix, Arizona. She brings more than 30 years of experience to her work in tax, training / education and consulting exclusively to the non-profit sector. In 2018, Carolyn transitioned her role to consultant and development for the newly formed firm of Sechler Morgan CPAs PLLC, now lead by team member, Kristina Morgan, CPA. Subsequently, she created a new entity, Sechler 501 Consulting Inc. providing consulting services and training to nonprofit organizations. This practice, which remains a ‘virtual accounting’ firm, demonstrates the team’s belief in the liberating power of technology.

Contact: USA / Canada

Nexus Development U.S., LLC
P. O. Box 3354
Tempe, AZ 85280


AU Embassy



AU Embassy Board of Directors
Slack ID: @paulscreen

Paul is a software engineer with 20 years of industry experience. He holds a 1st-class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering and was previously employed as a Software Architect for a small London-based software house. His coding experience is predominantly in C++, C++/CLI, and C# developing enterprise applications on Windows, C#/ASP.net web applications, and C#/C++ web services. Paul also brings a wealth of engineering and management experience, having previously lead and managed development teams though full life-cycle projects, utilizing various development methodologies from Waterfall to Agile. In 2018, Paul helped establish the Nexus Embassy in Australia, where he now serves as a board director.



AU Embassy Board of Directors
Slack ID: @mikecasey

Mike is a tech entrepreneur with a software engineering background. He founded ‘Fishburners’ which is Australia’s largest tech coworking space, a charity organisation to help foster and grow entrepreneurship, and the successful startup ‘GradConnection’ which 4 out of 5 university students use to search for their first job. GradConnection was acquired by ASX listed Seek in early 2019.
Mike originally achieved an honours in Software Engineering at Victoria University in Wellington New Zealand and became interested in crypto in 2013, he fell in love with Nexus’ vision in 2017. Mike believes that creating a viable alternative economy for the world which is not tied to a nation-state, will be a big leap forward for humanity.



AU Embassy Board of Directors
Slack ID: @Nicco

Nic started his career in the Australian Defence Force as an Electronics Technician supporting and designing advanced communications, electrical and weaponry systems. He left to complete a degree in Electrical and Communications Engineering at the University of Wollongong. He is now a highly respected engineering consultant, having delivered many customer projects.
Nic discovered Nexus in 2016, and was especially attracted to its innovative architecture, vision for the future of the internet and potential to help humanity. Nic helped to establish the Nexus Embassy Australia in 2018 and currently serves as a director on the board. He is an ambassador for the expansion of Nexus in Australasia and the Asia Pacific regions.

Contact: Australia

The Nexus Embassy Australia
Level 3, 11-17 York Street
NSW 2000, Australia