Nexus Newsletter September 2017

Volume 1, Number 5 – September 30, 2017


Welcome to the Nexus Newsletter!

While other projects add small changes to the existing blockchain structure, Nexus is rethinking blockchain technology. In 2014 when Colin Cantrell started programming Nexus from the ground up, he asked himself how he could make the Bitcoin blockchain better. In 2017 he expanded that question and asked how the blockchain can be redesigned to further decentralize it and make it more adaptable.

With the new Three Dimensional Chain (3DC), Colin introduces the next evolution in Blockchain Technology and solves many of the traditional blockchain’s problems.

We see the 3DC as being incredibly important to the future evolution of blockchain technology. Bitcoin has become a victim of its own success with many powerful players pulling it in different directions.  It has evolved beyond Satoshi’s original vision allowing a number of centralized entities to have a large influence over its direction. 

The impending hard fork of Bitcoin to create Bitcoin Gold is clear evidence that something needs to change. The 3DC allows Nexus to remain completely decentralized and will allow individual miners to continue to mine, while making mining pools entirely redundant.

Colin has spent the last three years envisioning, designing and programming the architecture of the 3DC and the Low Level Database as part of the Tritium update. We are happy to announce it is now running on beta nodes within the Nexus network and is in the initial stages of testing. Once testing is completed we will release our Tritium Wallet, which has our community very excited.

Here is a preview of the upcoming Tritium wallet GUI.


The Nexus Genesis White Paper

July started off with a bang as the Nexus Genesis White Paper was released on July 4th at precisely 11:11:11 AM GMT-7. It was published on GitHub, the Nexus Earth Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Slack at the same moment by multiple team members around the globe. We felt the symbolism of this date and time would be significant as Nexus embraced a new beginning, much like the early American settlers determined to start anew declared their Independence in 1776.  Technology can revolutionize the world, and with the proper tools humankind can be as free as we allow ourselves to be.  Nexus works to provide a toolset for those who wish to further the cause of freedom and prosperity.

Our Community is more active than ever and continues to grow.  We are now close to 5000 members in our Slack Community, and over 700 subscribers to our subreddit. Many members of the Community are pitching in and providing input for various tasks, but we are on the lookout for more. Join us on Slack to find out where you can get involved and make a difference.

Our team has grown to over 30 individuals who are covering all aspects of the community, including marketing, PR, development and testing. We now have a total of 8 developers working on Nexus, a massive increase in just the last few months.


Can we list them?


Nexus Conference Reminder

Make sure to get your tickets for the First Nexus Conference and Three Year Birthday Celebration.  The Conference will happen September 21-23, 2017 and take place at the Aspen Meadows Resort https://www.aspenmeadows.com/ in Aspen, Colorado, USA.  Nexus has hired an event planner for Conference to make sure things run smoothly.  He and the Nexus Team have been busy lining up speakers and making arrangements for the event.  There will be speeches and question and answer sessions from some of the brightest minds about business, finance, technology, networks, aerospace, blockchains, bitcoin, gold and silver, economics, philosophy, medical marijuana, music, data, hardware systems, and the future of the internet. We have quite an all star list of speakers lined up.  Ticket prices increase on August 1st as we have a big name announcement coming, so if you have been waiting, get yours now.  You can find out more information about the speakers and ticketing information at http://nexusearth.com/conference.html.  


Keith Full Time Nexus

Keith has managed to get himself in a place financially, at least for the near-term, where he was able to quit his day job and focus on Nexus full time.  He wears many hats and we are fortunate to have him working on the Project.  Keith is an asset to Nexus and the Community.  Congratulations on making the switch to work full time on what you are passionate about!  


Website Updates

Keith continues to make updates to the website.  He has been incorporating a lot of new features and adding content.  He has also been adding and changing things due to feedback from the Community.  The website is looking great!  We are in the process of adding additional content to the FAQs section as well.


Colin Interviews

Kierre was able to stage an excellent discussion with Colin about blockchain technology, Bitcoin, Nexus, smart contracts, and more.    The Interview also explains the beginnings of Nexus and where we are headed.  Kierre did a great job keeping the topics focused while also participating in the discussion.  If you haven’t seen the video, check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUuOirhzpbg.


Colin was asked to return to Freedom’s Phoenix with Ernest Hancock for another show on July 14th.




The discussion went so well he was invited back for more discussion days later.   He was on the July 18th show along with Overstock.com CEO Patrick Bryne.  Colin stayed after the full show to continue the discussion and go into more depth explaining how blockchain, Bitcoin, and Nexus work.  For a truly educational experience, be sure to check out the entire 6 hours of content.






Tritium White Paper

Colin and Kierre have been working on the Tritium White Paper.  This White Paper focuses more on the technical aspects of the Tritium update.  Currently, 14 pages of content have been written.  The Tritium White Paper will be released shortly before the release of the Tritium update.


Tritium Update

Colin has been busy pushing new code in preparation for the Tritium update.  He has also been running code on some of the seed nodes to work out any kinks.  While we won’t give any dates, we are getting much closer to a release. The white paper will be released before Tritium to outline all the new changes in this 3.0 release.


Nexus Interface Development

Colin has coded a new Javascript/CSS framework for use in the development of the GUI wallet for Nexus. Colin and Keith are currently working with this framework and integrating the new graphics that Shaun Preece has designed.    This framework also has the potential to be utilized for web development and other applications and is really an innovative approach to Javascript and CSS.


Development Schedule

The roll out schedule for Nexus is as follows:


  1. Tritium White Paper
  2. Tritium Base
  3. Tritium Time-Lock
  4. Amine White Paper
  5. Amine Time-Lock
  6. Obsidian White Paper
  7. Obsidian Time-Lock


Vector Test Launch

Vector be will conducting a low-altitude test launch with the Block 0.002 Vector-R at the proposed Spaceport Camden site on Thursday, Aug. 3.  Colin and Kierre will be there helping with the launch and will provide updates from the field as they are able to.  Good luck Vector!


Nexus Videos

We are getting very close to finalizing the script for the Nexus explainer promotional video and production will start and be completed very quickly following.


A Nexus Community montage video being is produced by Community member @ajkrohn.  If you would like to participate, be sure to reach out to Andrew on Slack.


Chinese Outreach

As part of our outreach to the Chinese Community, a Mandarin Chinese translation of the article https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@gjsteele71/nexus-crypto-currency-simplified-a-guide-for-everyone has been posted on at https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@ajkrohn/nexus


Additionally, we now have a Chinese translation of our Bitcointalk Original Post located at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1996260.0.


Developer Profile: Kierre Reeg


Kierre Reeg is a graduate of CU Boulder with a degree in business finance. He worked as a senior equity trader at Unicom Capital, a Denver/NYC based Hedge Fund, for over 8 years before founding TYME  (www.tymestyle.com) with his family members. Currently, Kierre is the CEO of TYME and of Visum Capital a private investment firm focusing on early stage companies, equities and crypto currencies.


Sidebar fact: Keith Smith of the Nexus Team was a former “End the Fed” Organizer and will be discussing Bitcoin, Nexus, and cryptocurrency at an End the Fed event in Philadelphia, PA on September 9th.


Reddit page has been revamped and Community member Mike Casey with the help of April Henderlong. We now have 700 Reddit subscribers and aim to release a lot of information and updates through our subreddit moving forward (https://www.reddit.com/r/nexusearth/)