Thorough Breakdown: Exploring Every Facet of the Cancel Culture Phenomenon for Improved Visibility ? 1

Thorough Breakdown

Thorough Breakdown 

Thorough Breakdown: We all have a social media account whether be Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. Social media platforms are a great source for one to express their opinion to the larger public. It connects to the world. We easily get to know what’s going on the other side of the world. If a celebrity said something in America, all the platforms around the world would start buzzing with the news.

But this also has become a downside. As sometimes celebrities and public figures say things that offend people. The moment people find out then starts the cancel culture. Cancel culture has become a modern way of removing someone from social or professional circles.

What is the Cancel Culture?

To put it in simple words, cancel culture is disapproving or dissenting with a person, public figure, movies, and series for objectionable actions or content against the cultural norms. This leads to boycotting of the person from social or professional circles.

The exact definition of cancel culture is still not defined as it is a relatively new concept and is still evolving. The scope is still developing. As of now only famous personalities like celebrities and public figures are subjected to cancel culture.

Cancel culture has caused many celebrities to lose their jobs like Shane Gills, who lost a job at Saturday Night Live after his past homophobic and racist joke came to light. Not only celebrities but many times even companies have to take a step back because of cancel culture.

Victims of Cancel Culture

The famous author of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling, became a victim of cancel culture after she posted transphobic tweets. Many of her fans lashed out saying that she wasn’t even a creator. The author did not respond to the backlash and even left Twitter for a short period.

Another instance of cancel culture was after the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood celebs were criticized for nepotism in the industry. As a result, Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt were hugely criticized and even trolled by people.

Much recently after it was revealed that Kareena Kapoor Khan was charging 12 crore rupees to play the role of Sita in the upcoming movie Ramayan. She was subjected to hate comments and threats.

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Impact of Cancel Culture

There are still many debates as to whether the cancel culture affects one’s work or not. In many cases it does not, people even after being a cancel culture victim continue to work on the project they were criticized for. While in some cases they lose their jobs and even their stand in social circles.

The cancel culture not only affects a person’s work but also their mental health. Due to cancel culture change, people are becoming afraid of what they say and do in public. As one wrong action can jeopardize the person’s career and social life.

This was not supposed to be the result, that is afraid of sharing their opinions. It was supposed to bring people to light who were doing the wrong thing in the public domain.

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