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Why are We Lonely

Why are We Lonely?

Why are We Lonely In the 21st century, we are facing problems that endanger the lives of our youths, our adults, our elderly. Many might think it could be nuclear wars or some huge disaster. But it is not, it is something that is destroying many of us every day. It is loneliness.

Everyone feels lonely at some point or other in their life. Even though loneliness is not a specific mental health condition, it still badly affects a person’s mental and physical health. Loneliness describes the negative feelings that can occur when your needs for social connection aren’t met.

Common definitions describe loneliness as a state of solitude or being alone. They describe loneliness as a state of mind. It causes people to feel alone, left out, and unwanted. Loneliness causes people to crave human connection, but due to their state of mind, it becomes difficult for them to reach out to people.

Loneliness vs Solitude

Loneliness and solitude are often used interchangeably. But they are not the same, they have very different meanings. Being alone is different from being lonely. Loneliness is when an individual feels isolated or left out despite wanting social connections. It is an involuntary separation, abandonment from people.

Why are We Lonely

On the other hand, solitude is voluntary. People spend time with others but still enjoy solitude. They enjoy spending time with themselves even after interacting with others. Solitude can be helpful for an individual’s mental health, it helps in recharging and to focus better in their work.

Causes of Loneliness


There is no universal way to measure loneliness. But there are other indicators to diagnose it. It can be caused due to change in an individual’s environment. For example, moving to a new locality. The sudden change can be destabilizing. People might not be able to adapt to the new locality.

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Adapting to change in our environment is not an easy task. While some might be good, most of us have difficulty adapting to it. People also suffer loneliness because they do not try to reach out to other people. This is also a major problem these days, people might be wanting to talk to each other but they don’t.

This can be due to shyness, they might not be open about reaching out for friendship, and some do not like to acknowledge they need anyone. This can result in depression, heart diseases, poor sleep quality, and anxiety. People might try to fill the void with unhealthy habits like drugs.

What Can Be Done to Avoid Loneliness?

Why are We Lonely
Girl sitting alone on a the wooden bridge on the sea. (frustrated depression)

Loneliness is one of the problems from which a person cannot recover by themselves. They need someone’s help. Different people are lonely for different reasons, so there is no one-way solution that is effective for everyone. One of the best ways is to reach out, make new friends, and talk to people in your neighborhood.

If you are shy in front of people you can use different social media apps. Many new apps are coming which help you find people in your neighborhood. Some other ways are, you can join clubs relating to activities you have interest in, like a book club or a drama society. In these clubs, you might meet people who have similar interests like yours.




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